Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Movie Name : Amadeus
Year Of Release : 1984
Lead Roles : F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce
Directed By : Milos Forman
Written By : Peter Shaffer

'Amadeus' is a movie made on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart .This man has written a concerto at the age of four, his first symphony at the age of seven, a full scale opera at 12.. This movie is a tribute to the greatest composer ever lived .. thanks to milos forman n peter shaffer ..

This movie is named Amadeus , which in latin means 'loved by god' or 'gods love'. This is a perfectly matching title for this movie . Why was this movie named Amadeus ?? Each and every time when salieri opens up to god " why dint god give him talent ?? Why dint god love him but loved mozart and why he created him as a genius with copious talents in him ?? . God loved Mozart . so an apt title was given to this movie .

This movie is an adaptation of the Peter Schaffer play. Milos Forman shows impeccably craftsmanship with this film. The story of the great composer is told through the eyes of salieri . Everything about this movie is very good .. Casting, sets, costumes and the shining element in the movie is Music .. Its not jus the music of MOZART , the way they have used his compositions and interwining it around the movie is perfect .This generation which misses the operas of the olden age can watch this movie to get to know how an opera would look .

Tom hulce is perfect, and now you cant think of anyother person who can play Mozart.For people like me who never knew how mozart lived would say " oh!! was he a fun loving person , was he this , was he that ..n yeah he is a genius ."

F. Murray Abraham's performance in this is jaw dropping. His gestures, his glances while he is telling the story as an old man are incredible. The anger and jealousy that he portrays are seen in his eyes ..

The following few lines are addressed to God by salieri ( aft knowing Mozarts talent) ..

salieri : "From now on we are enemies, You and I. Because You choose for Your instrument a boastful, lustful, smutty, infantile boy and give me for reward only the ability to recognize the incarnation. Because You are unjust, unfair, unkind, I will block You, I swear it. I will hinder and harm Your creature on earth as far as I am able."

This is the way how he gets jealous on Mozart and the way he starts hating Mozart and god n asks him why he chose a filthy person like Mozart to serve thee . The story is told through the eyes of salieri .F. Murray Abraham's Oscar-winning portrayal of Salieri alone makes this film infinitely watchable .

Amadeus takes an objective view of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by having Viennese Court Composer, Antonio Salieri narrate the tale. Salieri reveals his part in Mozart's demise and illustrates his legendary hatred for Mozart throughout the film. Yet underneath Salieri's hatred lies an admiration for Mozart's talent that stretches to adoration for Mozart's music .

Salieri is a mediocrity who ascends to some measure of success by dint of hard work and perhaps a little bluff. Mozart is a genius who composes better music than Salieri ever could, without any effort. Salieri's unique torture is that he is the only person who can see this - indeed, Salieri is in all respects the only clear-sighted person in the entire film.
Salieri is So clear-sighted that when he later expresses the belief that divine intervention was responsible for some of the things that happened, Mozart really is intolerably awkward, but all in all no-one understands him so well as Salieri does.

This movie has got a very good climax which makes the viewers to watch it in their edge of the seat . The climax gives us a glimpse how Mozart composes . It leaves goosebumps all over .

Even in death, Mozart is still better than Salieri.

The best piece of art ever made :-)


gkn said...

it was upon ur insistence that i saw this movie and i must agree that i was blown away even though i am not a western music aficionado... especially the climax was brilliant... mr.jake la motta keep reviewing many such movies so that there is a repository for movie buffs like me to choose from...

Querida said...

A review that truly does justice to "Amadeus" it was a very convincing read.

It's amazing how you can see the physical degeneration of Mozart...he just keeps looking paler and sicker and more fevered than ever.

My favourite part is when Salieri plays several of his pieces and each goes unrecognized by the father, and he smiles his little peculiar smile and plays a mozart piece...which of course gets recognized!

ℓα' мσттα said...

yea , that part in asylum was well made and ma fav part too :)

Ramki said...

the best scene in this movie according to me is when salieri composes a musical bit for mozart and has the king play it. the king gives the notes to him, mozart plays it from memory and then starts playing with it, in style... the look on salieri's face...!!!