Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hearty welcome!

"Hello there!"

We will keep it simple. This is basically a blog about movies, by people with mutual interests and acquaintance. What we do is talk. And the talk is about the talkies, the people who talk and are being talked about from the talkies. Pure truth straight from our hearts. We wish you too get trapped. BTW, thanks for visiting our weblog. You're welcome any day of the year. Good day.

Arun Saravanan

Aravind aka Travis Bickle.

Shankar aka La Motta.

Venkatesh aka Venkiraja.


gkn said...

good job guys... best wishes..

Deviprasad said...

go ahead..we r with u..

gkn said...

it is a good idea to add screenshots from the movies... appreciate all enhancements...

Arun Saravanan said...

hi followers!

thanks for your comments. look forward for more postings. we need your support to continue this blog in a well defined manner. there are a hell lot of movies which could make a small impact on every viewer.

thanking you!

sivapc said...

Hi Venki and co. This is Raikkonen from Hub. Nice attempt. Keep it going. Unfortunately i'm not that proficient in hollywood movies,so i don't think i can comment on the reviews, but i will read the reviews sure.

Anonymous said...


Nice blog..will go through it at leisure.All the best

RS (from HUB)

ஹாலிவுட் பாலா said...

இங்கே தமிழ்ல பின்னூட்டம் போடலாமா? :-)

எல்லாரும் இங்கிலிபீஜுலயே பேசுறீங்களே?