Friday, February 20, 2009

Taxi Drver

Taxi Driver

Year -1976,Language -English

Direction-Martin Scorsese

Starring -Robert De Niro,Harvey Keitel,Jodie Foster

I never dreamt in my life that a film can affect me so profound and deep.To me,Taxidriver is nothing but the nuances of this meaningless world captured through a disturbed person.Taxi driver makes an attempt to define whos hero,maybe who is human.Travis sees people everywhere,he talks to people everywhere,he smells people everywhere,but there is hardly any connection between him and them,he never feels connected.He seems to be used to his loneliness gifted by the lifeless city.His social skills just helped him to piss off his girlfriend.Hes always in a dilemma whether hes abnormal or the world around him.We feel pity when his girlfriend disses him.Hes hurt by the true color of the city and hes having a hard time to digest it.He even searches for a help,but finds none.He just wanted to do something,anything. Driven by the emptiness, Travis makes a vow to make things right in his own way.And the film takes a drastic bend when Travis decides to rescue a young girl from brothel.Travis is nothing but a victim of urban alienation.

This is one of the few films which involves a deep character study.Travis takes his girlfriend to see Porn on his first date.He thinks by assassinating the senator,he can restore the system.
Hes defined by others than by himself.When Betsy breaks up with him,he did was yelling
And calling her names.He does not know hot to communicate with the outside world.But,hes got
The balls to change what bothers him,unlike the rest of us.Hes the one person whos intimidated
By the complete break down of the system.

If it was not for the biogrpahical quality,i doubt taxidriver would be this compelling. Paul Schrader had beautifully dismantled the urban life.Without getting too morbid, he captures the essence of hopelessness. This film may help you if you are on the edge.We can feel that travis is for real and hes outhere among one of us.

Undoubtfully , Marty's best as far as i am concerned. The placings of monologue were perfect.I never seen anyone who uses the camera so meticulously and gracefully. He just takes the direction from just being a craft to a real art.He was surely ahead of his time.i could not possibly imagine how the hell he conceived the climax sequence.

The scene where Travis and Betsy gets into argument at the cinema hall
Was handled with a sharp subtleness.There are many moments which showcases the raw eerie state of the city,like when Travis buys guns and pistols as easily as if he was buying groceries,when a man talks about killing his wife on the back of his cab,when Iris says That she was there by choice and doesnt want to go home.Talking about the climax violence,I felt it was needed for the film,and was a trend setter in its own genre.

What to say about Bobby,i really dont know.He just takes acting to the next level probably to the pinnacle of it.Hes a true genius and the only one of his time.He just belongs there.Its hard for us to detach the character n bobby to analyze his acting,coz,we never can.How many times i see only travis not a single trait of De Niro.If anyone want to learn acting, I would strongly recommend this one,this is nothing but a textbook in fine acting.The scene where he talks with the secret agent is just enough to say what is good acting.

The cinematography just suits the script.We can feel the morbid effect in almost all the scenes.No bright colors were used.And,the oscar nominated score is brilliant.

And at the end of the day,Taxidriver leaves with many questions for that we never want to find an answer.We have every chance to be a hero,everywhere,everyday and on every moment.But the question is,Do we take it?.I just want to quote a single line from the movie.
We all are fucked, more or less.

The script of the TaxiDriver was first handled to Brian De Palma,he only suggested Scorsese to take the project.

The script writer Paul Schrader attempted suicide just few months before writing this script.

To getinto the character,De Niro actually drove cab for weeks.

Scorses did a cameo in this film in two scenes,you can see him sitting near the door,when Betsy was first shown,second as the angry customer talking about killing his wife.


gkn said...

whoa... wat a movie? i keep watching it over n over again n wonder how universal and how relavant it is even today... kudos to scorcese n de niro for creating this masterpiece... good write-up... it shows ur adoration for the film... way 2 go...

Anonymous said...

taxi driver was released in 1976 and not 1979