Thursday, February 12, 2009

Angel - A

Movie Name : Angel-A
Directed By : Luc Besson
Language : French
Genre : Fantasy

Andre and Angela .. 2 main characters of the movie.

Andre is a cheat .He keeps lying all the time . He owes money to almost all the criminals in paris .He gets beaten up by those badies every now & then . He knew that he cant repay his debts and he decides to kill himself .On the verge of committing a suicide he gets onto a bridge and looks around . There he notices a girl(Angela) trying to do the same thing. When he is about to warn her, she jumps in and he jumps after her to save her . He saves the lady .

A 'conversation' takes its place there . At the end of the conversation the lady thanks him and promises to do anything for him. He explains her about his problem and also told her that his head would be severed anytime if he doesnt pay the money which he owes. Now, she turns out to be a real money spinner by finding a lot of kinky ways of generating cash and to pay off andre's debts. Andre gets curious and wants to know why she is doing all this .. !!

The lady Angela is an angel from heaven. She is practical , beautiful and captivating .. these are the attributes that comes to ones mind when u see her first on screen . There is always a question in viewers mind of who she really is ? and what is she really trying to do .?. On traveling through the story ,the identity of Angela gets unveiled and we realise that she is godly. The way and moment of revelation of Angela s identity is done in a witty way.

She makes Andre to speak truth and helps him in getting rid of all his debts and problems. Many times Andre and Angela end up in fighting for inane things. Andre gets amazed on knowing who she is . The proofs for him to believe her originality makes him ask if she was a magician. Later he believes in what she says and does what she asks to do . In that way she makes him know his powers and his internal abilities. In this process of discovering himself he falls in love with Angela .

The cast is perfect . Jamel Debbouze and Rie Rasmussen help in movement of the movie with their screen presence and their chemistry . Debbouze as Andre looks nervous portraying the character . Rasmussen looks godly and angelic with carefree expressions.

One reason for which i recommend this movie is for its black and white photography by the cinematographer. Movie covers a vital part of paris showing its beauty and the emotions between the lead roles in a black and white frame . Screen shot of any frame of the movie would be a good desktop background in black and white for your pc .The director shot the movie in black & white may be because he depicts a direct contrast of characters in each and every means. Andre and Angela are just the opposites.

When the movie gets built in a perfect way and everything gets over as predicted, the movie loses its credibility . May be the end is made in such a way to play it safe by trying to please its viewers . But it looked artificial .There are certain scenes which are long enough to make you bored. There is a repetition in dialogue now & then and unwanted detailing which had nothing at the end of the scene.

The movie is just like a fairy tale. This is a must watch for fans of fantasy movie lovers. This movie makes you smile through out its length. The relation between the lead role is very beautiful.The penultimate scene in which Angela talks to Andre in front of a mirror leaves tears . The narration makes us check if we love our inner self and if we admire our own qualities .

A feel good movie to have a re-check and to re-invent yourself .


gkn said...

One fantasy movie that i liked was bedazzled... i saw the movie thinking that it would be just another comedy but it was not exactly that... it reinforces the oft-repeated theory that being onseself is the best... never try to become a different person just because u like one or two of their attributes... it was entertaining n also provocative... i would like to see this movie as well...

Travis Bickle said...

Nice Find!

Ajmal - Orkut said...

Good Movie. Motivates Everyone to Love themself.
B4 watching i thought Y Luc Besson had created this movie black & white, then understood the reason.
Overall itz a gud movie which resists in heart forever.