Thursday, February 12, 2009

Theeviravaathi: The Terrorist

"You're supreme: A thinking bomb."

Movie Name: Theeviravaathi: The Terrorist
Year of Release:
Lead Role:
Ayesha Dharker
Cinematographer, Writer and Director:
Santosh Sivan

This is a story about a naturally born gynoid built with self-destruct mechanism by a liberative
organization for a mission to assassinate a personality for the sake of a group of oppressed people fighting for the freedom of their own country.

The Terrorist is a Kaleidoscope of emotions and environment surrounded by a revolutionary
soldier's last days. Its a special treat for your eyes and it drives you through a heart throbing journey filled with fear, rage, beauty, love sacrifice and soul.

The main characters in the movie are the main lead "Malli" done by Ayesha Dharker, her eyes, nose, lips, a strand of hair, tears, sweat and the notable supporting characters are drizzle, river, trees, minefields, cyanide capsules, a black screen and an explosive belt with a red button.

The earth might have seen only the after effects of a war. This movie have shown us the before effects of a one man army waiting for the battle.
No creature on earth would've gone through a rehearsal for birth or death, while "Malli" had.

The spontaneous affection of a dying comrade, a fearful young boy's loneliness and dark life in the battlefield, the mysterious, motherly vision and silence of a seven year comatose patient
in the next room looking at her through a small hole, a talkative, caring old farmer's beautiful view about his life and especially the womb growing inside the thinking bomb diluted the revolutionary, ravaging mind of Malli. Thus the movie started ending from the beginning to the end giving the audience a neutral view about warfare.

Santosh Sivan, the cinematographer's directional debut was The Terrorist. He used his camera to write the script of this movie. Every frame has got a great visual theme consisting of highly defined color tones. I doubt direct view wouldn't be better than the camera's view of nature in this movie. Sivan have used a method of highly extreme close up shots with dulled backgrounds to show the depth and scope of the character's situation. Without much dialogues, the movie speaks a lot. The emptiness in Malli's performance started filling up and overflowed at last.

In the climax, on the halfway to the mission to finish the target, the subject starts suffering from Cognitive dissonance, an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. There ends the movie leaving a knot untied.

The Terrorist is a biography of a suicide bomber's last days that remain in our memories forever.

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gkn said...

this is one amazing movie... i just could not believe that this was sivan's debut venture... the professionalism with which he handled such a sensitive subject speaks volumes about his ability as a director... i recommend ppl to watch his latest movie tahaan as well... it is another masterpiece which places sivan in an elite league of directors from india...