Friday, February 13, 2009

The woman next door

Movie Name : The Woman Next Door
French Title : Femme d'à côté, La
Directed By : François Truffaut
Language : French
Genre : Drama, Romance

The cry in love ; The pain in love
The feud in love ; The lust in love

The madness in love ; The stupidity in love

The urge in love ; The tragedy in love

The woman next door explores every aspect of love and concludes that love can never be lucid.

Love is employed as a main character and the way love acts on lead pair frames this story , in simpler terms, 'Story of a happy married man and woman who sacrifice everything for love'.

Bernard is married to Arlette.
Mathilde is wife of philippe .

The silence in love

* Bauchard family invites the Coudrays for the first time after shifting their residence. philippe introduces mathilde (his wife) to his guests. After greeting benards wife she turns to bernard . There is silence , a mysterious silence .

* On a mall shoppie, where mathilde meets bernard, there is silence again which confirms the presence of love . A past love .

The madness in love

* Bernard takes many days off for work while mathilde lies to philppe to meet bernard and talk about good old times .

* " Come we 'll run away & start a new life now " Bernard says to mathilde .

The pain in love

* The central figures are in love, but know they could not live together. This gives them intense sadness.

The feud in love

* There is a sense of urgency in their love affair as in a place where all the people know each other,it is highly improbable that any love affair can remain a secret

* They themselves seem the biggest obstacles to their own happiness with a waving sense of passion to each other , where sometimes it turns to hatredness.

The tragedy in love

* On passing through levels of pain and grief mathilde goes to extreme step of frustrated love.

François Truffaut - filmmaker who has mastered the art of human emotions

A modern romeo - juliet by François Truffaut

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is this review meant to be a st.valentine day's spl? i havent seen this one... the write-up is good w/o revealing much of the story...