Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is a restless moment. Hong Kong 1962

Wong Kar Wai
Director/Screenwriter/Producer from Hong Kong

The most romantic filmmaker of modern classic cinema who brought his masterpieces during the last two decades. He is famous for his unique style in film making with romantic visuals and sensual themes. He showed his uniqueness in his movies in the Hong Kong Cinema when the gangster and martial arts related movies were famous during the 90s. His movies bring out the emotions hidden deep inside your heart and stay in your memories forever.

He is the first Chinese director to win an award in the Cannes Film Festival and also he was the jury in 2006 Cannes Film Festival. His directional debut movie "As Tears Goes By" released in 1988 was screened at Cannes at that time. He turned the world's sight towards him through his later works like "Chungking Express", "Happy Together", "In the Mood For Love" and "2046". His first english movie "My Bluberry Nights" was screened in 2007 Cannes Film Festival among 22 films.

The notable trademarks in his movie are slow motion shots, jump cuts, too deviated angles in action shots, mood bringing face expressions in characters and especially the hypnotising soundtrack with soap opera. Inspite of his global recognition, he's not famous in his own country because of commercial audience. Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Maggie Cheung appear in most of his movies. Cinematograoher Christopher Doyle along with Wong gave a great piece of artwork in the modern cinema. His similar kind of love stories with stylish visuals and poetic script are treat for the movie goers. He's the only one among the directors like John Woo, Ang Lee and Yimou Zhang differing from action genre in Hong Kong Cinema.

Wong Kar Wai is a romantic, sensual, artistic and gorgeous film maker from Asia. He is a man of melodrama who have shown desire, lust, love, dream and all hidden human emotions mixed with colors, opera, moods, nostalgia and darkness inbetween the modern livng and urban alienation in a society. He is another impressive film maker in modern cinema.

"Usually I find that genre conventions get in the way of dealing with certain areas of character psychology, but one of my inspirations for 'Ashes of Time' was 'The Searchers'--a film which suggests how you can get inside an apparently opaque protagonist." - Wong Kar Wai.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Preview- The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Terry Gilliam, the craftsman who gave us the brilliant 12 Monkeys and Brazil's latest movie is titled so. The film's huge popularity is solely due to Ledger's shocking demise recently. Plus, we have the box-office boss Johnny Depp playing a major role in the movie. The IMDb page might lend you some insight on the trivia about the film. The post-production of film is underway and we might expect the movie would become a summer blockbuster very soon. We present you the teaser trailer of the movie (with tidbits from Terry's previous movies) -

(Courtesy: Terry's fanzine)

Imaginarium is a moving-theatre run by Dr.Parnassus in London. He entertains the audience through his wit and magic. When he involves in deals with the Devil known as Mr.Nick, he wins some wishes but is cursed as well. This tale of wit, tricks and challenge weaved in fantasy and thrills looks promising. Other important Cast members include Christopher Plummer, Verne Troyer, Andrew Garfield , Lily Cole apart from Jack Sparrow and the Joker. Parallel worlds, evil intervention, black-magic, theatre with the undertones of Dreams, Fatherhood, Good against evil, Deceit from the eyes of Terry Gilliam arouses my interest.

When the official trailers and images release, we would keep you posted. Watch this space.